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a multigenerational family business

Is there space emerging between brick & mortar and the web movement in this family’s market segment? Must you follow the massive trend towards on-line transactions? Or is there a better customer experience to be offered?

With unique market insight we answered these questions and hundreds more during the process of formulating a business plan empowering the next generation to continue in the family heritage.

Do you acquire and reenergize an existing but declining brand or launch a completely new one? After carefully weighing all the advantages and disadvantages including traveling half way around the world to ensure supply chain relationships and capabilities, acquisition advisement became the cornerstone for the strategic proposal.

To ensure as little disruption as possible in the family members businesses, i2o was retained to initiate the acquisition of the target brand, lead the brand refreshing and the development of new products and services. Last, but far from the least important phase, was development and recruitment of the sales force structure and deployment.