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a Fortune 500 company

It is very rare that a company has enough insight to ask for advice on one of its global market leading product categories, but we got the call. The corporate management team realized the products were being driven by brand recognization through the existing distribution model. Our first assignment was a four month competitive analysis, deep diving into the longterm requirements of sustaining the brand’s market leader role plus any possible competitive threats from digital to innovation. The development of a detailed list of options for price optimization was the overriding objective in our market assessment.

Early on in the discovery phase, it was quite apparent the majority of sales were transactional by a highly saturated distribution network and the product line was being sold almost exclusively into the service industry.  So, identifying new revenue sources became the number one priority to increase revenue and margins.

After presenting our recommendations, leadership empowered i2o to initiate activation and implementation of the approved strategies in conjunction with the management team. The strategies included new paths to marketthe distribution model, brand execution requirements and organizational structure with a new direct sales force.